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A nude woman seen from behind bends forward, holding a towel in her right hand.  Her hair falls over her head towards the ground.  Rumpled fabrics on the edge of a bed are seen in the foreground of the image. 
Edgar Degas (French (culture or style))
La Sortie du Bain
1891 – 1892
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Three nude women, perhaps on a beach, desporting themselves with towels. There are two large figures in the forground, the left most bending and seeming to gather her towel, the central figure—with back to us—holds her towel horizontally. The third figure, slightly in the distance and to the right, leans over to dry her left foot. 
Armando Morales (Nicaraguan)
Tres Banistas
Gift of the Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin
Print depicting two nude males crouching with their back to the viewer while looking out over a body of water
Max Pechstein
Am Wasser (At the water)
Museum Purchase made possible by the Friends of the Museum of Art

Jean Lurçat (French (culture or style))
Four Bathers
Museum Purchase

Georges Rouault (French (culture or style))
Museum Purchase
Colors: black, yellow-orange, peach, coarl, blue. Paper size: h 61 7/10cm x tw 45cm & bw 45 3/10cm. Image approximately sized: h 41cm x w 34 1/2cm. [Eight colors: black, clear rose, flesh-pink, red, clear-ocre, dark ocre, blue plus dark blue.]
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French (culture or style))
Baigneuse de Bout en Pied
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
Young boys are pictured wading through what appears to be a shoreline.  The waves are cross-hatched with detail as well as the sky.
Max Liebermann (German (culture or style))
Boys Bathing
1847 – 1935
Gift of Gilbert M. Frimet
Paper size: h 39cm x w 24 1/5cm. Plate size: h 25 1/2cm x w 19cm. Image size: h 23 3/5cm x tw 24 3/10cm x bw 24 1/5cm.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French (culture or style))
Etude pour une baigneuse
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
A photograph of a nude man sitting on a bed, his back turned toward the viewer. Cloth drapes over the end of the bed, curtains drape over the walls, and a battle helmet sits at his feet. 
McDermott & McGough (American (North American))
Valpinçon Bather
1988 – 1994
Museum purchase made possible by a gift from Helmut Stern
Woven paper size: h 32 1/2cm x tw 24cm & bw 23 9/10cm. Laid paper size: h 21 9/10cm x w 13 3/5cm.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French (culture or style))
Baigneuse Assise
Gift of Ruth W. and Clarence J. Boldt, Jr.
View of an interior of an inn, with tatami-matted rooms and sliding doors. The rooms have doors open. Men and women wearing yukata are resting in one of the rooms. The other room seems to be a public bathroom, with one man taking a bath in the deep soaking tubs, and the other sitting on the stool to put on his clothes.
Andô Hiroshige (Japanese (culture or style))
The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido (Kyoka Edition): #52 Ishibe
Gift of J C Mathes and the Tokyo Center for Language & Culture (TCLC)
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